Obscura: Black Label is here...


What exactly is Obscura: Black Label? Black Label is intended to be a raw, dark experience. There is less compromise. That means a focus on boundary pushing writing and, when applicable, censorship free audio clips. Some of this content may not be for you.

Don’t confuse this mission statement, Obscura: Black is not intended to be “edgy”. While we plan to release our riskiest coverage there, it would be hackery to force it.

The Black label, to sum it up, is intended for the more hardcore true crime fan. Those who want true crime stories with a darker bent. The point is…this is Obscura straight with no chaser. For the listeners that like a bit more gristle in the steak that is the true crime genre.

When I first started covering True Crime part of the reason why is that I have in quantifying and cataloging the darkness in the world around us. Believe it or not these stories have been a source of unrest for me. I don’t take them lightly. I obsess with true crime as a coping mechanism. But with time I’ve felt some level of restraints on this outlet with the main feed.

Enter: Obscura: Black Label.

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