S1E22: Zack and Addie

For today’s show we cover a lot of ground. I figure I can only tell the story of Zach and Addie once…so…I better do the story justice.

To finish out the year on the main feed, I’ve chosen to go out with a bang. Get comfortable. Because you’re about to hear about one of what I consider to be one of the most interesting true crime stories. A long with the intertwining history surrounding the tragedy that created a tangled web of misery and devastation.

Now, let’s get on with it.


S1E21: The Murder of Brandon Teena

The murder of Brandon Teena thrust the trans community into the forefront of public discussion. Before the early 1990s, transgender people were a silent minority within society. When the case we'll be discussing had originally received national coverage, the disregard of preferred pronouns and dead naming were not considered offensive and some of the audio clips, legal transcripts, and direct quotes used in creating this episode may reflect that. This episode will also include unedited audio of a police interview with a rape victim, which may be too distressing for some of our listeners.

S1E20: Nick Stoutzenberger - The Mouth of Madness

Today…we discuss person so disgusting he triggered my gag response. This is a first for the show. This episode skated on the edge of becoming a black label episode. There’s audio from a clip I’m going to play for you later… that made it difficult to eat dinner the evening after watching it.

It’s tough to decide exactly how to tell the story of Nick Stoutzenberger(Also known as Nick Bate ). The story is a horrifying one and a complex one at that. Many of the chapters of this story feature video documentation that’s hard to place in specific moments. So, I think the philosophy going forward in telling this story will be comparable to peeling a rotting onion. Let’s peel away the less offensive bits until we get to the rotten core of the story. If you think the early part of this story is too vanilla, or dull, well… just you wait. This is an episode that will have a slow incline right into the mouth of madness.


THE VIDEO: http://sendvid.com/oote29su

Don’t watch it.

S1E19: Scott Beierle - The Failure

The man we cover today is a putrid and hateful person. He’s a man who simultaneously complained about his loneliness but somehow, in his mind, positioned himself above those who succeeded where he failed many times over. Under this delusion, his life ultimately spiraled and the actions he would go on to take made him feel justified. In short, he was a person who was incapable of taking responsibility for his actions until the bitter end.

In this episode of Obscura: A True Crime Podcast we cover Scott Beierle.

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