Justin S. Drown is a long time true crime fanatic. First exposed to the genre by Unsolved Mysteries, his heart still skips a beat when confronted with Robert Stack. This creative endeavor is to provide an outlet for his obsession. As far as other hobbies, Justin is an avid reader and a fan of Stephen King, Joyce Carol Oates, and Cormac McCarthy. 

Special thanks to the love of my life and wife Rebecca Drown, my stepdaughter Cecilia, and my stepgrandson Finnigan. I couldn't do this without their moral support.



Hailing from the mountains of Western North Carolina, Josh Lami’s foremost dedication is to writing. A contributor to a number of outlets, local newspapers, and scrap pieces of notebook paper that usually end up lost, Josh’s conversational and emotive writing style follows him across all avenues. He’s also a veritable database of useless movie trivia and considers himself a full-time music nerd. Painter, amateur musician, dog-lover, and fierce Full House fan, Josh Lami’s fascination with the macabre and penchant for narrative writing is what drew him to Obscura.