Justin S. Drown is a long time true crime fanatic. First exposed to the genre by Unsolved Mysteries, his heart still skips a beat when confronted with Robert Stack. This creative endeavor is to provide an outlet for his obsession. As far as other hobbies, Justin is an avid reader and a fan of Stephen King, Joyce Carol Oates, and Cormac McCarthy. 

Special thanks to the love of my life and wife Rebecca Drown, my stepdaughter Cecilia, and my stepgrandson Finnigan. I couldn't do this without their moral support.



With qualifications in psychology and counselling, a masters degree in criminology and a career spent working with the most marginalised members of Australian society, Gemma brings a unique and insightful voice to the narrative style of true crime podcasting.

Gemma Harris has lived in both regional and metropolitan New South Wales. She balances her passion for researching true crime and dedication to telling victims' stories with thespian pursuits, feminism, patting all the dogs, consuming gin, tea and wine on all manner of occasions, accumulating shoes and lipstick, and listening to Kylie Minogue's back catalogue.




Stephanie Moore is a legal writer by trade and has combined her true-crime storytelling and case research to create in-depth narrative driven non-fiction. She enjoys the California coast and spending time with her family and dogs.


Instagram and Twitter: @podcast_writer



Haley Gray is a long time devotee of podcasts, both behind the mic and as a listener, who has been podcasting regularly since May 2016. While podcasting, and finishing her undergraduate degree, Haley found that her passion lies within research. She enjoys finding all the bits and pieces that make a story come to life and communicating that information to hosts who then create a narrative.

Haley spends her free time traveling, consuming all things comedy, and watching bad movies. She lives in the Midwest with her husband and two dogs.


Social media: @HGrayResearch on Twitter

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Hailing from the mountains of Western North Carolina, Josh Lami’s foremost dedication is to writing. A contributor to a number of outlets, local newspapers, and scrap pieces of notebook paper that usually end up lost, Josh’s conversational and emotive writing style follows him across all avenues. He’s also a veritable database of useless movie trivia and considers himself a full-time music nerd. Painter, amateur musician, dog-lover, and fierce Full House fan, Josh Lami’s fascination with the macabre and penchant for narrative writing is what drew him to Obscura.

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Remedy Robinson

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