Justin S. Drown is a long time true crime fanatic. First exposed to the genre by Unsolved Mysteries, his heart still skips a beat when confronted with Robert Stack. This creative endeavor is to provide an outlet for his obsession. As far as other hobbies, Justin is an avid reader and a fan of Stephen King, Joyce Carol Oates, and Cormac McCarthy. 

Special thanks to the love of my life and wife Rebecca Drown, my stepdaughter Cecilia, and my stepgrandson Finnigan. I couldn't do this without their moral support.



In a previous life, Heather Sutfin had a background in computer engineering and digital forensics. In early 2014, she abandoned her formal education to pursue her passion for writing and found her calling in the true crime space. Heather's previous work has included blogging and managing content for Sword and Scale's website and has also been featured in Real Crime Magazine. When she's not shedding light on heinous crimes, Heather can be found prowling around the woods with her son and nephews in hopes of catching Bigfoot, working towards her goal of transforming her home into an oddities museum, and binge-watching documentaries.



Hailing from the mountains of Western North Carolina, Josh Lami’s foremost dedication is to writing. A contributor to a number of outlets, local newspapers, and scrap pieces of notebook paper that usually end up lost, Josh’s conversational and emotive writing style follows him across all avenues. He’s also a veritable database of useless movie trivia and considers himself a full-time music nerd. Painter, amateur musician, dog-lover, and fierce Full House fan, Josh Lami’s fascination with the macabre and penchant for narrative writing is what drew him to Obscura.